KANE-TCAM infrared thermal imaging camera for fast, accurate & reliable temperature measurement.

Simple point & shoot technology with high quality thermal imaging is ideal for heating, ventilation & refrigeration engineers and automotive & maintenance technicians.

KANE-TCAM's large LCD colour display includes 4 surface measurement modes to improve speed & ease of finding problems.

KANE-TCAM measures any surface temperature from -20℃ to 300℃ / -4°F to 572°F.

€992,00 exc VAT


  • Large colour display & on-screen cursor
  • Accurately locate temperature hotspots
  • 3GB SD Card Data storage
  • Store up to 20,000 images that can be extracted through USB
  • Rechargeable battery 2-3 hours use in normal operation

Ideal for many industries including:

Plumbing & Heating

  • Quickly see otherwise invisible water leaks in central heating systems or water tanks
  • Confirm heating system cold spots, showing which parts don’t work correctly
  • Highlight old system inefficiencies, showing variable heat distribution in each room
  • Show effectiveness of new underfloor heating, efficient radiators or more insulation


  • Detect issues with heated car seats and heated screens
  • Check effectiveness of vehicle exhaust and catalytic convertor
  • Identity a potential engine misfire
  • Spot any issues with vehicle brakes overheating


Four types of surface measurement modes:

  • Coarse surface
  • Semi-matte surface
  • Semi-shiny surface
  • Shiny surface