The fastest way to manage your analyser's recertification with FREE postage using

Use you KAM dashboard to:

- View - your Payment History / Company Details / Analyser Details / Service Pricing

- Buy KANE products, accessories, spares & consumables with FREE delivery

- Manage your KANE analyser's recertification online to receive same day turnaround

- Service History: Access, view & email electronic Calibration Certificates when required for compliance

- Report Stolen: Reporting your anylyser stolen ensures out Stolen Analyser Refister is updated & helps prevent industry colleagues unknowingly buying stolen goods

- Remove your KANE Analyser once sold so its new owner can also benefit


Analyser Service & Recertification

When your analyser is ready to be returned simply:

Sign in or register your analyser

Book & pay for your recertification & service via your KAM Dashboard

Select FREEPOST for tracked carriage - UK mainland only

Your analyser will be despatched on the same day we receive it...

You’ll receive text messages when we receive your analyser and when it’s ready for return

*What’s the small print? KANE9 series analysers & UKAS certificates are excluded, our warranty is equivalent to 10 years and you must use

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