KANE CARE is our promise to never let you down or your money back

How do I book KANE CARE Service & Recertification?

Here's how - If on a smartphone, click 3 Menu bars on left side of screen before steps 2 & 3:

  1. Go to kane.eu
  2. Sign in or register then click your email address on top of screen
  3. Click KANE Dashboard to find your FGA then click Manage to enter its home page
  4. Click Service / Recertify & follow instructions

Why book my analyser's Service & Recertification via kane.eu?

KANE CARE is our award winning promise to never let you down or your money back

  • We guarantee price you see is price you pay except when your analyser's been misused

  • We guarantee another year's no quibble warranty for 10 years every time we receive your analyser

*not KANE 9xx analysers & UKAS certificates

Where do I return my KANE analyser?

When you use kane.eu, it automatically selects our authorised KANE CARE Service Centre

  • Automatic reminder when time to Service & Recertify your KANE analyser
  • Easy to report your stolen analyser
  • Analyser specific information & resources all in one place

Protect your analyser from Cold Weather & Water

Cold Weather:

Always keep your analyser warm overnight - Condensation affects accuracy, causes internal damage and stops you working


Always check your analyser water trap, filter & probe tubing are dry after every use - Water inside your analyser causes O2 & CO2 readings to be wrong or displayed as “- - - -“

When this happens, try this:
  • Check analyser water trap & filter are bone dry - replace filter even if slightly damp
  • Disconnect analyser from probe and place analyser in a warm room
  • Connect to mains charger to preserve batteries and run analyser with pump ON for 3 hours
  • Take analyser outdoors into fresh air and switch off then restart zero count down outdoors
  • If you still experience problems please call KANE 08000 590800

Already have an analyser?