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Domestic and Light Commercial

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Engine Emissions

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Indoor Air Quality

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    Essential Instruments

    • Flue Gas Analysers

      Use KANE Analysers to commission & service domestic oil, commercial, commercial catering and industrial cooking, heating & hot water appliances.

      KANE Analysers perform appliance safety checks & sweep tests, CO measurements in rooms or around appliances, combustion efficiency tests & flue draught measurements

    • Indoor Air Quality

      KANE supplies personal & portable monitoring of CO, CO2 & AirFlow in domestic, commercial & industrial spaces. This includes commercial catering applications & domestic incident investigation.

    • Leak Detectors

      KANE leak detectors pinpoint leaks of combustible gases including methane, propane & natural gas and refrigerant gases including CFCs & HCFCs.

    • Pressure Meters

      KANE high accuracy pressure meters are suitable for flue draft measurement, gas pressure and differential pressure of gas/air ratio valves on high efficiency boilers.

    • Thermometers

      KANE digital & infrared thermometers measure up to 1370°C/2498°F - Options include measuring single & differential temperature and specific applications for temperature & flow when Benchmark testing.

      KANE Thermal Imaging Camera tests buildings for leaks & poor insulation easy, alonside checking hot water flow & return & underfloor heating

    • Multimeters

      KANE supply easy to use multimeters, clamp meters & electrical testers - Features include amps, AC/DC volts, ohms, frequency measurement, true RMS & auto ranging.

    • Combustion Probes

      Each KANE analyser comes with a high quality probe, most measuring temperature. Options for different lengths & temperatures are available.

    • Automotive Analysers

      KANE sells portable, battery powered Engine Exhaust Analysers and diesel smoke meter designed to meet recognised international standards including MID & OIML Class 1.

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